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Server and Storage

Servers are an indispensable part of the IT system, which can be considered as the central brain of the whole system, divided into different types depending on the needs of use.

There are 3 main type:

  • Entry Level : suitable for low demand, especially for small business.
  • Mid-range Level: suitable for small and mid-range business, that require high processing speed and virtualization.
  • Enterprise Level: designed for system that require very high performance as well as virtualization capabilities, support multiple microprocessors, large memory storage and high IO bandwidth.
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Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization Solution (Desktop Virtual Infrastructure – VDI) solution using computing resources from the server associated with virtualization technology to create a system of workstations, this time as the virtual machine. Users will have access to the system and allocate virtual machines to use remote.
The image of the interface of the virtual machine is displayed on end-user terminal , as well as the manipulation of the user (keyboard, mouse ..) normally takes place entirely  through the remote display protocol (Display Desktop protocol) is established between the access device and the user’s workstation inside the data center.


Security Solutions

If datacenter is the heart of the system, the security solution is the security barrier that protects the heart, protect data, information and business systems safe from unauthorized access from inside and outside the enterprise.

With the use of traditional authentication solutions are not safe, we need better authentication solution in today’s business environment. An authentication solution is only good when called that it meets the following key requirements:

  • Low cost.
  • Easy and convenient for users and used in many systems.
  • Scalability and compatibility with other systems.

That is why our system is reliable.

Network infrastructure solutions

The development of enterprises associated with the development of information technology. When the system and client scale is expanded, information technology infrastructure must also meet this expansion, together with the stringent requirements of performance, scalability, security, redundancy.

Users nowadays not only require access to the resources but also they require for quality and content transmission speeds. These are two factors that greatly affect the ability of users to work. Previously, the only data file in kilobytes but this day is the data file hundreds of megabytes, gigabytes, so if the connection speed is not improved it may not meet with such development.

With Nuri Connection solutions and well-trained engineers, we guarantee to provide high quality service that suit costumer’s need.