Problems of SOHO office in Vietnam with IT environment

  • Frequent and various International Internet Issues with quality and Vietnam IP.
  • Lack of local IT staff in Vietnam.
  • Expensive IT deploying costs.
  • Slow respond for outage due to language issue.
  • Lack of IT integration management skill.

Our Solution

  • Local customer care support in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Provides integrated configuration and operation for small networks.
  • Providing internet (International + Vietnam Domestic) and International Calls (IP PBX, 070) between the branch and HQ Or for Korean consumers.
  • Internet (wired and wireless), video conferencing, VoIP, OA (PC and printer), CCTV, attendance and access control systems are also available when needed.

VPN (Small Equipment) solution for SOHO

  • If you need a configuration for a small network or other fixed IP, the VPN function of our equipment makes it easy to use.
  • Korean IP is also available if needed.


System Diagram (Ex.1)

System Diagram (Ex.2)