> Problems with the International Internet access in Vietnam

  • International Internet in Vietnam has single route & frequent Submarine Cable failure.
  • Slow Internet speed and poor quality.
  • Communication issues with Vietnamese ISP while troubling.

> We provided the solutions

  • The best route between Vietnam and Korea with multiple routes and reliable Internet quality by managing traffic route.
  • Dealing with frequent submarine cable failures so that customers keep their business continuity.
  • Monitoring and customer care service in Korean, English and Vietnamese.
  • Cost saving comparing to ILL(International Internet Line) of the Vietnamese ISP(Internet Service Provider).

Who is our customer

A company that needs reliable Internet quality for 1) VPN connectivity between Vietnam branch and Korea HQ, using  2) ERP, 3) video conferencing, 4) internet phone, and 5) groupware.


> Service Topology

> Case study: Improved VPN Quality KR to VN

With a VPN configuration using an international internet, the internet quality is needed between the factory in Vietnam and our HQ in Korea. We improved it with our solution


> Customer success with us

a major partner company of Samsung Electronics had the problems on IT systems

IT System : 1)ERP and MES 2) Korean (Gavia, KT) Groupware Customers 3) Multi-country VPN customers.

>> Improved internet speed and IT management with our solutions 

Korea Program developing center(company) : # of developer is 400, VDI server at HQ,Seoul and clouding service 

10Mbps ILL from Vietnamese ISP, however had a lot of issues with ILL so that they had stopped developing

>> With us:  more bandwidth with same cost and then solved all issues and keep business continuity